Highlights of Calculus

MIT Opencourseware

This course presents an overview of Calculus using real life situations, videos, slide decks, and practice problems. This is one of several courses in a collection from across MIT that are appropriate for High Schoolers since at least at MIT, students are expected to have taken Calculus before. […]

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The Robot Doctor Demos

Robot Doctor Interactive Demo

This resource includes visual demos and written explanations of robotics concepts from the educational video series, The Robot Doctor. Specifically, it covers robot localization, vision, motion, and measurement, four out of the eight lessons in the video series. Users should be familiar with The Robot Doctor, and have basic knowledge of mathematics and physics. […]

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Lesson 106: Robot Vision

Robot Doctor - lesson 106

This video discusses how a robot can sense the world it around it using cameras as well as determine the distance to objects using multiple cameras. This handout covers a lesson review and questions that encourage students to use mathematics to compute robot distance to particular features. […]

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Lesson 105: Robot Motion

Robot Doctor - lesson 105

This video discusses how a robot moves by using math to predict future positions given the robot’s model and the equations of motion. This handout covers a lesson review and question that encourage students to use mathematics to determine the orientation the robot is facing. […]

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TechNights (Creative Technology Nights) aims to expand diversity of interest in computing among middle school students. TechNights hosts interactive workshops on a variety of computer science topics taught by members of the Carnegie Mellon Community. […]

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Lesson 104: Robot Localization

Robot Doctor - lesson 104

This video discusses how robots keep track of position as the robot moves, and update their position with math using ranges to known landmarks. This handout covers a lesson review and questions that encourage studnets to use mathematics to have robots find their position on a map relative to landmarks. […]

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