ROS Wiki

Provided by the official ROS website, these are a host of very detailed and thorough tutorials. You can expand on topics as deep as you need to with offerings for beginners and intermediates. […]

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Github Book

Pro Git Book Cover

There are 10 chapters in this book all about Git with figures and hyperlinks to accompany text for further understanding. Written by developers who love Git, you will learn all about Git upon completion of this book, though it can be used as a guide and referenced section by section. […]

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Interactive Git

Git Branching

This resource provides you with a visually appealing and interactive way of learning Git. There are several levels available of your choosing based on your proficiency level with Git (beginner or familiar). There are a series of educational tutorials and challenges responding to your learning in real-time. […]

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Google’s Python Class

Google for education logo

This is a class geared for people who have a little bit of programming experience in some language to know some of the terms. It features written guides, lecture videos of 30min to 1 hour, and exercises to practice Python, staring small and building into full programs. It is possible to run through all the […]

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Python Tutorials

Learn Python Logo

This website features interactive online Python tutorials for basic, data science, and advanced material. You have the ability to run example code provided and see how it works, and then work on your own exercise. […]

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